Feeling Better Is Temporary. Transformation Is Forever.

~ Christine Kane

I help people who are overwhelmed and stuck who want to gain confidence in their wisdom so they can experience more clarity and personal power.

It can be challenging to make life changes, regardless of how much we yearn for them. For example, do you play the same scenario over and over in your head, yet resist taking action? Do you say yes to others without saying yes to yourself? Do you waste time second-guessing yourself? Do you have the sense that you could have or be so much more?

Heartwood Coaching is about supporting you to make the changes your heart longs for, so you can enjoy the life you want. It’s about growing your resilience to help navigate life’s challenges. Heartwood refers to the place at the center of the tree- its main function is to support the tree, preserving its integrity. It makes the tree strong, patient, flexible, and allows for change and growth.

I believe that like trees, we share the same core of inherent strength, resilience and integrity. Coaching helps you access this core, where you gather the courage, clarity and confidence to make change.

Nancy Yannett, “The Healing Coach and Her Dog”

I’m a professional coach and workshop leader trained by the world renowned Coaches Training Institute. I coach people seeking transformation and healing, so they can courageously lead their lives from their hearts. I’m passionate about supporting people on their journey, and I bring a grounded presence and an open heart to our work together. In addition to coaching, I’m also a healing touch practitioner, hospice volunteer, and mentor. On any given day, you can find me walking in the woods with my three dogs. Shasta, my adopted Great Pyrenees Mix, is a certified therapy-dog who volunteers and works with me at schools where students are recovering from trauma.

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“Nancy has been a mirror that reflects back to me my true essence and strengths. Love is her middle name, as she creates a safe space for me to be myself and at the same time calls me forth when I am not stepping into my powerful self. She has challenged me in the most unintimidating way, and yet she is very direct. Nancy has the capacity to create a grounding and calm space for all around her.

Sheena Yusef, Life & Relationship Coach, Professional Photographer

“Nancy’s impact on me has been profound. She seems to find a way to ask the difficult questions that I don’t want to ask myself. She is able to hold that space for me while I work through my issues. When it comes time to get some advice or pointing me in the right direction, it is done in a way that allows me to see my own inner wisdom.”

Michael Wallace, Managing Director, Fascinnovation

“Working together with Nancy’s loving presence and clear guidance helps me find fresh energy, courage, and understanding for my journey every time we meet. She invites me to discover what’s ready to bloom and leads me to “ah ha” moments and images that breathe authencity into my changing life.”

Sally Burrell, Massage Therapist, Environmental Activist

“I began a coaching relationship with Nancy a little over 6 months ago. In that time, she has helped me navigate through challenges with my family and big shifts in my work life. I now feel more grounded and empowered in both aspects of my life. I am very grateful to have found Nancy.”

Jane Gilbert, CRO, City of Miami